Anitra Smith (anitra) wrote,
Anitra Smith

I just want this week to be over.

Damn, damn, damn. This project really won't be finished by the time we go back home. I just realised a few days ago that we're going to have to pay the hosting company by cheque. I just got a chance to email and ask them about that today. No way I'm going to have a response in time to send the check in tomorrow, which is the last chance I get before I leave. *sigh*

On top of that, the weather's been gorgeous and I spent all day yesterday inside, doing an assignment for our professor that was due at noon. Of course, I didn't get my part from my partners until... you guessed it, noon. I finished around 4, but neither of my partners were around by then. I'm guessing we still haven't sent it in, so now we're more than a day late. I don't think we've turned anything in on time as long as we've been in London.

After the stupid assignment, I no longer had time to go to Greenwich like I had intended (instead, I did that today), so I just went downtown and found the Hard Rock Cafe, and did a little other shopping.

If it hadn't been for all the work I had to do this weekend, it would have been a good one. Oh well. Next week at this time, I will be in the arms of my honey, after going to my favorite church for the Sunday morning service. I really can't wait to get back. I hope it's still warm in Worcester when I get there.

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