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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Why I don't take public transport

I would love to take public transportation to work. Unfortunately, I can't.

Where I live and work on the train lines.

If anyone knows of a way (via public transportation) I can get from home to work without going all the way into Boston and transferring from South Station to North Station, PLEASE, let me know.

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juldea April 26th, 2005
Er, I realize I didn't state that explicitly, which you probably don't need, but for the sake of the peanut gallery:

Worcester commuter rail from Worcester to Newtonville
556 bus from Newtonville to Waltham
Fitchburg commuter rail from Waltham to South Acton


anitra April 26th, 2005
Thanks! That actually makes it easier for me to understand, too... Remember that I'm not terribly familiar with any of the public transportation methods in this area - when I did use them in college, it was only to go west from Worcester.

This route is definitely worth trying. Hm. I will definitely try it within the next week or two.

You ARE the public transportation goddess! (It's even more impressive because you still have a driver's license.)

juldea April 26th, 2005
The problem with trying it without a monthly pass is that you're going to have to pay separate for both train rides, so it'll be much more expensive. And there's no such thing as a weekly commuter rail pass, sadly.

I could swipe you my boss's zone 8 pass, but then I'd be fired and in all sorts of trouble... ;)

anitra April 26th, 2005
Don't worry about it. The idea is to try it once or twice (even though it will be expensive), and then decide if it's worth it to do on a regular basis. I need to see if it will be worth the cost in time and hassle, not just in money.

It may be that I am truly better off driving.

nightskyre April 29th, 2005
Alternately, we could move.

anitra May 3rd, 2005
Doesn't look like it's actually going to work. It looks like the Worcester train doesn't actually make it all the way out to Newton; except for one ride that would take me an hour and then leave me waiting for another 40 minutes for the bus.

Between the two trains, the bus, and the shuttle from South Acton to work, I don't think I can do it in less than 2 1/2 hours. And that's just not reasonable. I'd be willing to do anything up to 2 hours. Anything more than that is not worth it simply to not drive.

It's too bad, really. I had gotten my hopes up that it was do-able. Which I guess it is, it's just... not do-able enough ;)

juldea May 4th, 2005
Well, you're looking for West Newton/Newtonville... But yeah, that's over an hour of train ride. :(

anitra May 5th, 2005
It's not really the hour on the train that bothers me. It's that it would take nearly two hours just to make the connection to the second train!

I knew when I started looking into this that 2 hours was roughly my limit. So when I see that the only available route takes 2 hours to get me (roughly) half-way there... it's just not worth it. And the price of gas would have to go incredibly high to make it worth it. Because I'm really not willing to leave my house at 6:20am and get back after 7pm on a regular basis.

juldea May 5th, 2005
Ugh yes. That is an unacceptable time frame. Sorry it didn't work out! :(

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