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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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No such thing as early termination.

I don't know why our landlord bothered to put an early termination clause in our lease, when she won't let us terminate the lease. The early termination fee is simply for her to advertise for a new renter - and if she doesn't find one, we have to keep paying rent until next May. I think that's insane.

I've been tempted to simply move out and sue her, but nightskyre doesn't want to do that. Since we'll "owe" her at least four months' rent, it's too big for small claims court. I'm not even sure we'd have much of a case; it looks like it's valid under Massachusetts law to force us to keep paying rent.

Basically, our options are:
  1. Stay in the apartment until May 2006, then move. We certainly won't be renewing the lease.
  2. Start advertising for a subletter, give a deposit for the Maynard house-for-rent, and hope that we'll find a subletter within the next couple of months. The new landlord won't hold the house for us indefinitely (nor should she).
  3. Give the required 4 months notice (!?!) to our current landlord, and hope that she finds someone, otherwise we'll be stuck paying rent to her until she does find a new tenant.
  4. Move out now and pay the consequences (one way or another).
The more I find out about our current landlord, the less I want to keep living here. But we may decide to stay out the lease anyway; that's the path of least resistance.

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re: legal

etherial June 27th, 2005
I'll talk to my parents. They're shrewd landlords, they know what they can and cannot do. You should also talk to Uncle Don, he's a landlord, too.

romperwebby June 27th, 2005
i'd think too that she's responsible for making a 'reasonable effort' to find new tennants... instead of just taking your money.

anitra June 27th, 2005
Yeah, she is... but I think she'll have about the same success as we are, looking for subletters. She hasn't had to actively look for a renter for this apartment in about 5 years, and in that time, she's raised the rent $200, I think. It's only one bedroom, so it doesn't really appeal to students.

aleksandyr June 29th, 2005
It's an incredibly kickass place...but the rent is ridiculous. I don't know what your landlady is thinking, given that you can grab a two-bedroom Salisbury Estate for the same price.

Good luck though, wish I could afford it =)

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