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Batman Begins - IMAX

Spent some time yesterday updating older livejournal entries with tags. I never realized how much I use this journal to complain about work. To anyone who reads this, I am sorry. I need to make more non-whiny journal entries.

On that note... I saw Batman Begins in IMAX last night.

I've never been to an IMAX theater before - man, the screen is huge! We got to see some 3D features before the film started, and that was pretty neat, too. During the previews, everything was very crisp and clear. The film itself wasn't quite as clear, but the huge screen was still pretty awesome.

Batman Begins
Overall, very good. Ties in with the Batman mythos pretty well, as far as I can tell. Of course, I never read the comic books, so I don't have a lot of background to compare. Keeps the very dark feeling that most of the other movies had (and the Batman cartoon had, as well). Awesome toys, of course, because he's Batman; the car was especially cool - it's like a modified tank.

Criticisms: As everyone else has said, the action was especially choppy. I agree with other people that this was probably done to allow for ease of filming with action scenes. However, looking back on it, I also think it evokes a little bit of the frame-by-frame method of action that is used in comic strips - *BANG* POW *ZAP*, etc. The love interest was OK, until the end. I think it added a lot to the movie when Bruce Wayne likes the girl, but she's so devoted to her work, and is disappointed in him because she thinks he's just a playboy. The movie tries to resolve that (a little) at the end, and it had some trouble.
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