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Bombs in London

Found out from D that one of the bombs was at the Edgeware Road Underground station. That's a short walk from where I lived in London. In that way, it hits much closer to home than the NYC attacks ever did (for me).

But this fact also makes me doubt that this "secret al Queda" group did the bombing. Why would they plant a bomb in a predominantly Arab neighborhood? I remember walking down the street and seeing at least 2 Arab groceries, as well as a number of electronics shops and fish & chip shops that were run by Arab-English locals. The double-layer accent made them extremely hard for me to understand, but it was a worthwhile ethnic flavor. As much as I didn't really enjoy my time in London, I would love to go back - my only real problem was the combination of people I was living with (other WPI students) and being away from nightskyre for so long.
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