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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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To anyone who hasn't heard yet...

Andrew got a job! He starts Monday at Meditech.

We talked and prayed over it after he got the offer. It's about a $6,000 pay cut, but the benefits are all equal or better (except there is no 401k) and there are raises and lots of room for advancement (unlike TiberSoft). We decided that we can afford the pay cut right now, especially since this looks like an extremely secure position.

Obviously, he's ecstatic to stop playing "house-husband" and get back to work! Too bad, he was starting to get good at cooking dinner ;)

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daedaleandeus August 18th, 2005
2 things -
1. Meditech has an in-house pension program based on money and stock that puts most 401k's to shame. Last year several people who had been with the company for a long while (I believe the number was 18-20 years) were informed that Meditech would have to pay them their trust contribution in cash, since the company wont hold more than 1 Million Dollars in the trust for any one person. So yeah.
2. Its not a paycut when hes going from unemployed to employed. He wasnt leaving employment to move jobs.

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