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Well, here it is, Friday night.. erm, Saturday morning. I should have gotten my work done much earlier, and then gone to bed. Instead, I pissed away my time earlier tonight playing games and watching a movie. I guess it was worth it, I enjoyed it and all, but now I'm not going to get very much sleep tonight. In fact, nightskyre is suggesting I stay up longer, so I only sleep for 3 hours before I get up for my 10 AM meeting with my IQP partners. According to him, if you get 4 hours, you'll stay asleep, but if you get 3, you'll be able to wake up.. or something like that.

I'm really nervous about my IQP team getting everything ready in the next week. Our proposal is due to our advisor on Tuesday, and to our professor and the IGSD (Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division/Department) on Wednesday by noon. In other words, this is pretty much our last chance to make changes, and it sounds like our advisor, at least, was not incredibly happy with what we've had so far. I really want this project to succeed... I REALLY want to go to London. I'm scared that they'll still be able to kick us off, and I'll be stuck in Worcester, trying frantically to arrange classes and things for next term.

I am glad I had fun tonight. Even though I still made sure I got work done on our paper, I did relax & enjoy myself most of the night. I really needed that. I hope the guys will let me play another game or two before I collapse, and drag myself up again before 9.

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