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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Finally sent in my application to get a new passport with my married name.

Why am I renewing my passport now, you may ask? Well, nightskyre and I are planning to go to Israel next spring with a group from our church.

Yes, Israel. We expect that the current conflict will have died down by then - at least enough that tourists can get in and out of the country again.

And, as my pastor jokes, "What better place to die than in the Holy Land?"

Disclaimer: I do not feel there is anything especially holy about Israel; however, it will be very cool to see the places talked about in the Bible. I expect it will make it all feel more "real" to me.

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re: tourism in Israel

etherial August 16th, 2006
My girlfriend's mom was there last week. Her little brother's still there for summer camp. Israel's biggest industry is tourism, and it goes to the shitter even in the safer parts of the country whenever this stuff is going on.

tpau September 25th, 2006
oh, spring in Israel is best. make sure you take the timeto go see the desert bloom, itis worth it. also, ifyou can, get the bus tour to Hebron. ithas to be a special armored bus and all that, but you will most likely not get shot at, and you will get to see the graves of Abraham and Sarah etc. not sure if thsoe matter as much form the Christian perspective though, but ti is wicked cool...

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