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Biking and apples!

I planned to bike out to my favorite farm store after work - Bolton Spring Farm. It's an 11 mile round-trip from work to the farm to home, so I realized it would be challenging.

Well, I didn't leave work until just after 5:30. In my (admittedly poor) memory, I believe the farm closes at 6. I might make it 5 1/2 miles in 20 minutes, so I hop on the bike and start pumping. About 2 miles into the trip, I realize I am never going to make it. I am just not in good enough shape to keep up that kind of pace on my heavy hybrid bike.

All is not lost - I know there are several farm stores/farm stands in Stow; I've visited two in the past, but didn't like either very much. I get to Route 62, and remember passing a farm store near the country club where we had our wedding; so I turn down the street. I'm starting to get pretty tired, but at least this part is downhill. Ah ha! I see a sign - but it's not one I remember, just a big apple with a name on it and an arrow - and an "Open" flag hanging from the post. Well, it seems to be the closest one. I take the turn and head into the most secluded, beautiful country that I've ever seen in central Massachusetts. There is nothing around.. but every 1/10 mile or so, there's another sign pointing me farther up the road.

Finally, I get to the end of the road, and two dogs immediately come up to check me out. I think the proprietor was getting close to closing, but she was excited to see another customer (one was sitting there eating ice cream). "We sure are out-of-the-way, aren't we?" She even gave me a free peach to try: "Here, take this home. It's our newest variety."

The name of the farm is Carver Hill Orchards. I admit I haven't had any of the fruit or veggies yet, but it certainly looks tasty!

In case you're curious: I biked 6 miles. Here's the route.
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