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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Feeling weird to be back. Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad to be "home", but, still.. there's something weird going on. I missed out on all the changes in social relationships from the past two months between all my friends. I also feel very behind just trying to know what's going on with Dyn and with school. A big part of me wishes I had never gone. I think I'm pissing off my friends, as well, by being rather whiny about the things I need to get done. *sigh* I don't want to piss of my friends.. I want to have a good time for the day or two I'm here.

I'm just very bored and very tired and very needy. Is that so wrong? ;)

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krellis April 29th, 2002
Just don't start moobing, we already have one gloomy moobing person, we don't need another. That's the point where I pull out a gun and shoot you :)

wicketgate April 30th, 2002
Heh, it's an entirely too small world :) I noticed that you have a friend listed on your friends list, who is friends with my boyfriend in "real" life (off line), pretty cool eh?

Take care and welcome back! :)

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