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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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The house hunt continues. A friend tuned me in to "co-housing" (like condos/townhouses, but with a big emphasis on community) like this one, Camelot, in Berlin (MA).

Too bad that a 2-bedroom unit is more than we can afford to pay.

Property in Massachusetts is too freakin' expensive. Our parents bought houses when they were young (admittedly, not in MA), why can't we? I'd rather not raise kids in a house where we can't even childproof the appliances.

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re: houses

etherial March 14th, 2007
FWIW, it looks like the housing bubble is deflating. If you can stand to wait long enough, it may just burst. Won't actually make Camelot any cheaper, but it might make the alternatives affordable.

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