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Lost my glasses

I always wondered as a kid how some people could say "I lost my glasses." How do you lose them? They're on your face!

Well, today my glasses weren't on my face. I wanted to wear contacts because I was singing a solo in church (yes, I am vain enough to want to wear contacts when I'm standing up there), but we were running late this morning. So I threw the contact case in my purse, and put my contacts in after we got to church and I practiced my song. So, my glasses went into my purse, because I had nowhere else to put them.

Every time I took something out of my purse today, I had to move my glasses out of the way. "Good," I thought to myself, "they're still there."

Until we got home tonight. I'm about to take my contacts out, I open up my purse.... and no glasses. I emptied it out and they're not there. I must have taken them out at one point to get to something else....and then forgotten to put them back in.

I hope I left them at church so I can get them back. As it is, I will have to wear my contacts every day this week (I don't like wearing them to work), and that's going to slow down my morning routine significantly.

Of course, church today was all about the sovereignty of God - He has everything planned out before time. So I guess He planned for me to lose my glasses, and something about this situation will be for the good.
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