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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Plans, randomness

Looking forward to tomorrow. I'm going to get to see my aunt & cousins again, as well as visit BrazenHeart, who also lives in Maine. Monday, on the other hand... Let's just say that 10+ hour drives have never been one of my favorite things.

I like my new user icon :) I love sunsets and sunrises.

I forgot to let my parents know the changes in plans, so they were expecting me to show up sometime today in Rochester. Whoops. Ah well, nightskyre was nice enough to call my mom and let her know what was going on. He also emailed my dad, who wants to take us out to dinner. LSheep is demanding to "meet this man" as well, and of course mourninglory will have a heart attack when she realises I'm actually home ;) Things seem to be going well.

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wicketgate May 4th, 2002
Ok, the world is officially much to small :) You have a friend on your friend's list who is friends with my boyfriend in "real life", too cool! :)

Your user icon is really cool! :)

krellis May 4th, 2002
*starts singing "It's a small world after all" repeatedly... just like in Disney World!*

Please don't kill me for being annoying, the evil Disney man made me do it! :)

wicketgate May 4th, 2002
LOL!!!! :)

"real life".. bah ;)

anitra May 4th, 2002
heh.. that's funny. I think you'd told me that once before...
Even scarier, I can guess who on my list it is....

Re: "real life".. bah ;)

wicketgate May 4th, 2002
Heh, yeah it's rigel :) Too cool :) I think she lives pretty close to us too...


(Anonymous) June 25th, 2002
i was wondering doy you have a live journal code b/c i really cant pay for one and i like the journals on here so i want one so if you have an extra code could i please have it?
mail me @ poohchick14@hotmail.com

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