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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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So I hopped on my "new" bike today

I didn't want to go in the loop I've done before, because that route forces me to go at least 5 miles. So I left from home going the other direction, where there are more options to loop back...

And I still did five miles.

Having a real road bike is great. Unfortunately, when I put the new seat on, I shouldn't have left it so low. I need to adjust that before I ride again.

I also found out that June 12 will be Staples "Bike to Work" day. While I'm not planning to bike the entire 30 miles from Auburn, I can drive to Marlborough (there's a Park-N-Ride or similar parking lot) and ride the remaining distance in.

Gotta make sure I get in shape before then!

Miles biked this year: 6
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daedaleandeus May 16th, 2007
Be careful about riding down 85 in Marlborough. Theres a place where the road narrows to a landbridge, and basically 2 lanes between a reservoir. Its the only thing that has kept me from doing that ride yet.

anitra May 16th, 2007
Thanks for the tip. I'm not planning to try out the ride from Marlborough to Framingham until I've seen the route they plan for Bike to Work day. I trust the people who have biked through that area before to choose a better route than I would :)

nan0_frog May 16th, 2007
The cos way isn't a big deal, there are ways around it, also I used to ride it all the time. Though I haven't done it in at least 5 years...

nan0_frog May 16th, 2007
There's a person at my mom's work who does that. He drives from Auburn to either Shrewsbury or Marlborough then bikes the remainder to Framingham.

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