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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Biking sick

No, really. I've been sick all week. But the last time I medicated myself (mmm... old-style DayQuil with pseudoephedrine) was this morning. So, back on the bike!

Just a short two-mile (roughly) jaunt this time, out to the "center" of Maynard and back.

Miles biked this year: 8
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aleksandyr May 25th, 2007
You and nightskyre will have to poke me, but I've got my glorious bike languishing in Cambridge. I finally found the key to it today. It needs me to quasi-reassemble it but after that I'd love to get a weekend biking thing going, or something :)

nightskyre May 25th, 2007
All two weekends you have free before you move?

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