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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Bought a permanent account

I'm horrible at keeping track of recurring payments. I let my paid account lapse about 2 years ago, and told myself that if they ever did another permanent account sale, I'd consider one then. Well, Livejournal did, and I did. Now I have all the styles and userpics I could ever want, and I never have to remember to pay them again :)

I think Livejournal provides a great service, and this is the easiest way for me to support them.

Of course, now I've stayed up way too late playing with options. Good night!

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aleksandyr June 22nd, 2007
I will say it's awfully tempting: if I had a use for the paid features, I'd do it in a heartbeat. :)

(I may yet do it. You know me, after all)

anitra June 22nd, 2007
I'd recommend doing it. It will give you a lot more flexibility than a free or "plus" account. Voice-posting, design your own custom styles, hack your heart out :)

etherial June 22nd, 2007
Polls, man. The polls alone are worth it.

shadowravyn June 22nd, 2007
I'm all about the benjamins extra icons, myself.

etherial June 22nd, 2007
I can't handle the idea of having more than 19 icons. The need to scroll would drive me mad. MAD, I SAY, MAD!

anitra June 22nd, 2007
y'know, I always used to wonder why someone would want more than a handful of icons... and yet, I've added 2 more since buying the permanent account last night.

I don't think I'll ever make it up to the maximum 130+, though. I'd start deleting old icons before that.

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