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Bike to Work

Got up very early this morning, left the house with nightskyre at 7am (normally I'd be waking up and he'd still be in bed at that time). Drove out to Marlborough, and met the 4 guys I would be biking with. One drove in, the other three rode their bikes from somewhere much farther away. The leader of today's ride clocked over 30 miles by the time we got to Staples.

It was a pretty easy ride, until the last hill - which covers the last 3/4 mile or so and changes over 100 ft in elevation. It includes the bridge over Route 9 (Crossing Blvd). I stood around talking/wheezing for a little while outside, and when I went in, my face was still bright red from the exertion. It's good for me, though.

Miles biked this year: 41
Tags: bike, fitness, work

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