Anitra Smith (anitra) wrote,
Anitra Smith

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Frustrated with Mom again

I have to admit, I'm very tired of my mom already. She acts so much like a child, not wanting to take responsibility for her actions, and she seems to have so little idea of what's really going on. I feel like I have to be her parent, but she still tries to act as mine.

I don't know how to keep dealing with this, other than cleaning up my room enough that I don't mind spending all my time up here. I think once I start working, I'm going to be buying most of my own food as well... And I'll need to hide the sweets or somehow make them off-limits to her. I thought I had been frustrated with my family situation in highschool, but that was before my parents split, and my mom was diagnosed as a diabetic. I wish she would just take charge of her life, even the uncomfortable parts. I just don't know how much effort I have to make to help her.

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