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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell this past weekend. It was good, but I don't think I'll read it again. It's only going for $1 + shipping on Half.com, so I don't really want to sell it.

Anyone want it for free?

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etherial July 25th, 2007

anitra July 25th, 2007
No problem. We'll add it to the pile ;)

daedaleandeus July 25th, 2007
That was a pretty good book, but it was one of the slowest reads ever for me. The style is so... ornate (?) that it's difficult to get through. The ending is also pretty anti-climactic

anitra July 25th, 2007
Yeah, it was a good book, but an incredibly slow read. It's the sort of dry, overly descriptive style that's distinctively British (at least in my mind).

re: ornate

etherial July 25th, 2007
pithy? verbose?

Re: ornate

juldea July 25th, 2007
It's the reason why I never liked reading Victorian novels, only this one has a story that I wanted to follow.

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