Anitra Smith (anitra) wrote,
Anitra Smith

That was the weekend that was...

Had a reasonably relaxing weekend. Did a lot of schlepping around on Saturday looking for a carpet remnant that we liked for the office. Didn't find anything we could both agree on until we got to Post Road Carpet in Marlborough. Their back room of remnants is huge, probably just as big as one of the three showrooms in the rest of the store.

The pool has been having issues with algae because the filter had backed up; Andrew added a bunch of chlorine Saturday after getting the filter running again on Friday, so it was reasonably safe for swimming on Sunday, but we'll be vacuuming it every day for a while.

Sang in church on Sunday; naturally, I ended up with the day that the sound equipment had been moved & partially dismantled, so it was more of a challenge than normal. At least according to Andrew; it's always tough for me to sing alone, especially into a microphone.

Had friends from church over Sunday afternoon for grilling and swimming. The most fun I've had in the pool since we got it, I think.

The office of doom is nearly complete. We need to:
  1. remove the two layers of carpet, including scraping up the adhesive from the cement floor.
  2. Install the new trim around the window
  3. Get the carpet guy to come and install the new carpet remnant we bought this past weekend
  4. Install the baseboard trim & vent cover
  5. Touch up any of the paint

And then the office will finally be done and we can start using the last two rooms of the house! Of course, then we'll start working on varnishing and staining the two large bookshelves so we can set up the library.
Tags: house, music, pool

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