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Dogbert tech support

The Dilbert cartoon for today on my rip-off calendar makes me hearken back to my days at Dyn:

Dogbert: "This is Dogbert's tech support. Your problem is caused by another company's product or services."

Caller: "Shouldn't I tell you my problem before you determine the cause?"

Dogbert: "Okay, let's pretend that will change my answer."

To be fair to the guys at Dyn, we were working with a lot of semi-broken third-party software at the time. I know they've partnered up with other companies since then to create "official" update clients, both software clients and firmware in certain routers. I hope the situation described in this comic is no longer an hourly occurrence for the guys doing support now.

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jzer August 1st, 2007
I think i may need to bring that to work.

Actually, our director's manager sent down a dogbert tech support comic once... this one:

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