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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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I have the worst timing ever

I just bought a new 30 GB iPod less than two weeks ago... and now Apple has introduced new models again.

Not that I want one of the new super-iPods (I mean, I do, but not enough to pay what they're asking), but because I know that if I had waited just a few weeks, I could have bought my current iPod for $50-100 less.


Edit: I bought it from Apple.com, so there's little or no chance of getting a retroactive discount. I don't really want the new 80 GB model, either (the touch iPod looks neat, though).

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lil_cherub September 5th, 2007
some stores will honor your price adjustment. Where did you buy it?

If all else fails...while honesty is the best policy, take it back to the store and say it has been skipping certain songs and the video is acting funny... it jumps to the end of the video unexpectedly. There is no way they can test that so they would have to give you a new one. When you are getting a new one... its basically a return/exchange and they'd have to give you the credit back. I'd call and ask for an adjustment first.

nightskyre September 5th, 2007
If all else fails, lie and commit fraud! Good call.

lil_cherub September 5th, 2007
absolutely. I used to work in retail. You wouldn't be the first person to ask for a price adjustment. Best buy has a 30 days policy. You see it elsewhere for less, you get the adjusted price.. plus 10%. If you bought it there, you may just be able to call.

nightskyre September 5th, 2007
Price matching and lying about the product are two different things.

nan0_frog September 5th, 2007
I know how you feel.. I just got my ipod nano (after waiting forever to get it) about 3 weeks ago...
This happened last time I bought an ipod too, they came out with the video 2 weeks later. Now the ipod nano has video... all I want is to watch movies on my ipod! Not that that's really all that practical for me heh... But I *DO* know how you feel

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