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Stupid schedule!

I'm frustrated. I tried to make a minor change to my course schedule for next year. It should have been simple. A required class is offered both A and C term. I am only signed up for one class C term, and it's in the same discipline (Computer Science). I need this class as well. I try to change the required class from A to C.. but it conflicts with this ONE other class I have C term.

I talked it over with my mom, and with nightskyre, and I realise the issue has become: how much do I want to graduate on time? Do I want it so much that I will make myself even more miserable next year by taking classes I have no interest in?

So, I'm giving up on making everything fit into next year. Instead, I will have a little less pressure on me, which may actually help in the long run. I'll also have an extra slot or two to fit in a class outside the requirements (yay!) Mom pretty much stated that she & Dad will try to help me pay for whatever extra classes I'll need for the autumn of 2003. It's a little disappointing, but also a little uplifting - like a weight (mostly self-imposed) has been lifted from my shoulders.

Unfortunately, when I tried to go and make the changes to my schedule, Mom got the bright idea to check her email. So I got kicked off... stupid modem..

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