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Red Sox are going to the World Series.

I am apparently the only member of my family not to stay up and watch the Red Sox last night. I got a call this morning from my aunt saying that even my 92-year-old grandmother stayed up to watch (part of) the game.

I don't regret it; I woke up Sunday morning sick as a dog, slept all morning, dragged myself out of bed long enough to cook some lunch, be semi-sociable, and go to our evening church service... once we got home after that, I took care of a couple of chores and headed straight to bed. As a result, I only feel half as bad today, good enough to come in to work and be at least halfway productive. I need to schedule more time for rest/sleep for the next few days.

As my pastor would say, "No one ever changed the outcome of a game by watching it on TV."
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