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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Love that dirty water?

Then you'll probably like the piece WBUR did yesterday on the history of various "Red Sox" songs, including:
  • Tessie (both the Broadway and Dropkick Murphies versions)

  • Dirty Water

  • Sweet Caroline

  • former Red Sock Tony Conigliaro, who became a musical performer

If you're interested in hearing the whole 8 minutes, it's available at the WBUR website

I have yet to hear "Dirty Water" played at Fenway. Every time I've gone to a game, the Sox have lost. :(

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juldea November 1st, 2007
Thank you for this! It's great!

etherial November 1st, 2007
Did they play Dirty Water when we saw the Sox play? It's the only post-1998 game I've seen, and it was a win, but I don't remember hearing them play it.

juldea November 1st, 2007
I don't remember either way.

nightskyre November 1st, 2007
They did.

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