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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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New job

First day at my new job today (FLEXcon). The people are great. I'll have to get used to being the young'un and the "new person" again, though. And I have a full hour lunch. Whatever will I do with myself? I'll start by going for a walk tomorrow to examine the surrounding area.

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aleksandyr November 6th, 2007
The :) is my greatest weapon.

Back to being serious: I deal with a one hour lunch break (and other downtime) by finishing a book a day, plus or minus.

nan0_frog November 6th, 2007
Seriously, I don't think I know anyone who reads more than Anitra (other than my mother...)
Walking is *great* during lunch breaks... or maybe see if anyone wants to play cards or another game with the spare time. Getting know your coworkers a little during that time wouldn't hurt either, so they can get to know you and you know them and you not be "the new girl" anymore heh

anitra November 6th, 2007
Unfortunately, out of the people I work with directly, all but one go out to lunch every day. I can't afford to do that. The other one has a shorter lunch and usually runs errands (though she is open to having some company).

There are plenty of other people who bring their lunches and eat them here, though. I may see if one of those small groups will let me join.

I'm planning on spending SOME time outside during my lunch hour every day.

For now, I'm reading technical books to get up to speed quickly.

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