Anitra Smith (anitra) wrote,
Anitra Smith

Custards - Crockpot Mac, Cheesecake

Tried this recipe today - put it in around 8am (before church), and it was definitely done when we got home around 1pm.

1/2 pound elbow macaroni
4 cups shredded Cheddar cheese, divided
1 (12 fluid ounce) can evaporated milk
2 cups milk * (was 1 1/2 in the recipe)
2 eggs
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

I also added some dried onion flakes, garlic, paprika, and chili powder.

The recipe is basically to mix everything together except for 1 cup of cheese, and pour in the crockpot. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top; cook on low for 4-6 hours. Even if it's darkened in some areas, don't worry - the moisture keeps it from really burning. It makes for a custard-like casserole that can be sliced.

Also, nightskyre finally made the Good Eats cheesecake. It's fantastic!
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