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shopping math

Ever wonder why a Big Mac costs less than a salad?

The foods the US government chooses to subsidize might have a lot to do with it. (Yes, this picture is using an outdated form of the food pyramid for comparison. The point still stands.)

Hat tip to Essays & Effluvia at the BigPicture blog
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lil_cherub November 15th, 2007
The other aspect which is being missed is the concept of supply and demand. Farmers can produce a huge quantity of grain because they can plant a more then once a season. As a result the US has a very large supply of grains in silos, to the point where some farmers are paid to not plant crops and run the fields baron.

Cattle farmers don't have that same turn around unless they are selling veal. Same for chicken farmers, unless they are selling eggs. It takes longer to get meat, eggs & cheese to market.

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