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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Fun with ice and rear-wheel drive

So... my car is currently in the shop, and nightskyre and I are sharing his truck.

I was driving home from church last night, and had reached the southern part of 290, where traffic tapers off. All of a sudden, the truck started sliding. I over-corrected, and started fishtailing all over the road. The truck rotated through 180° three times, facing the oncoming traffic twice. It finally slid sideways across the road until I hit the median (a grassy ditch), which allowed the wheels to get some traction, so the brakes would work.

So I'm sitting there, headlights pointing up in the air, and looking out at the highway. What now? I'm not hurt and the truck didn't hit anything; I release the clutch and touch the gas, but the ditch is too steep and I can't get out. I call AAA, and they ask if I want them to call the police. I say "no", but someone else must have called, because a police car comes up before I'm even off the phone.

All in all, I get to wait in the ditch for about half an hour until a tow truck comes, pulls me out of the ditch, and leaves as soon as I'm on the road moving in the right direction. 10 minutes later, I'm home and can finally let my emotions out again.

I am so glad that I managed to avoid any obstacles, and that all the other drivers managed to avoid me.

nightskyre went to get sandbags for the back of the truck this morning. Hopefully, that will help the wheels get sufficient traction for the rest of the winter.
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etherial December 3rd, 2007
Wow. I only did a 420 last night. I tried moving across one of those piles of snow that form between lanes and started fishtailing. I almost had it when it threw itself completely into a spin. It started to settle with me facing oncoming traffic. Wanting none of this, I threw the wheel hard and stomped on the gas, keeping it going until I was facing the right direction again. I was quite relieved that the person behind me had enough time to stop and enough presence of mind to put on his hazard lights until I had time to take a breath and start the engine again.

Glad we made it out safe.

anitra December 3rd, 2007
The reason I phrased it as "180 three times" is because I never turned completely around - I did a 180 to face traffic, swung back until I was almost facing forward again, then swung BACK to face traffic, before sliding sideways across the road.

Glad you made it safely, and the people around you weren't stupid.

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