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My life as journaled

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A Day That Will Live in Infamy

66 years ago today, Japanese bombers attacked the U.S. Navy installation at Pearl Harbor, the act that eventually sent my grandfather to Japan.

I visited the USS Arizona memorial in March 2004, and it had quite an effect on me. To be standing right where so many people died; people who might still be alive today otherwise.

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etherial December 7th, 2007
Whoever came up with yellow polo + blue jeans is a genius.

Edited at 2007-12-07 05:01 pm (UTC)

anitra December 7th, 2007
I agree. Our concerts were in malls, so full concert dress would have been highly inappropriate.

hntrpyanfar December 7th, 2007
Lovely! What a cool trip!

Sent one grandfather to France, and the other was a railroad engineer, so he didn't go. Unlike many, we were lucky and got our grandpas back. I try to remember to pray for those who weren't so lucky; in that war or the following ones.


anitra December 7th, 2007
My grandpa came back, thankfully. He ended up being held over from his training to train another group - most of the rest of his group died; but because of the delay, he ended up being part of the occupying forces in Japan after the war was over.

He spent the rest of his life being fascinated with Japan :) It may be part of what attracted my mother to go to China.

londo December 7th, 2007
Oddly enough, my flist posted more notices about the day we nuked Japan than the day they surprise-attacked us.

etherial December 7th, 2007
The day is young.

mewilliamson December 7th, 2007
It was definitely a good monument to the memory of what had occurred there.
the ride out and back was neat, allowing some cool views of it coming and going.

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