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My life as journaled

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book addict

(no subject)

I love how half of the email I get from WPI ends up in my spam folder. On a scale of 1-10, the automatic filter ranks it in the range 5-7.

I know branding is important, but they need to stop:
  1. using so many images
  2. using a third-party address for bulk email sending (@wpi.edu is much more likely to get through than @email.imodules.com)
  3. using link maskers and redirects (if the link is http://wpi.imodules.com/redirect.aspx?blahblah, how likely am I to actually follow it?)

Doesn't anyone technical have input to these things?

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krellis December 20th, 2007
Of course not - it's WPI. They fire or ignore the competent technical people, it's university policy.

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