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(no subject)

I love how half of the email I get from WPI ends up in my spam folder. On a scale of 1-10, the automatic filter ranks it in the range 5-7.

I know branding is important, but they need to stop:
  1. using so many images
  2. using a third-party address for bulk email sending (@wpi.edu is much more likely to get through than @email.imodules.com)
  3. using link maskers and redirects (if the link is http://wpi.imodules.com/redirect.aspx?blahblah, how likely am I to actually follow it?)

Doesn't anyone technical have input to these things?

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amymarr December 20th, 2007
No offense, but why the heck do you think the ENTIRE Web Development Office departed the university in a 3-month span (November 2005 - January 2006)?

The answer to your question is, quite obviously, no. No, the IT Division's input on these matter is not sought or respected. The president put the Marketing & Development Divisions in charge of procuring and deploying their own technologies for communication, including the CMS for the Web site, the alumni connections portal, and email blast management. Oh, and The Bridge, which also sucks now.

anitra December 20th, 2007
Fair enough. I was under the impression that Marketing for a technical university wouldn't be that stupid. Obviously, I was wrong.

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