Anitra Smith (anitra) wrote,
Anitra Smith

Baking bonanza - call for help.

I have sour milk (aka "buttermilk") that I need to use up before it goes (too) bad. Thus, I will be baking a whole bunch this weekend. Would anyone like to help - either by physically mixing, measuring, etc. or by eating and taking some home? (I hate seeing food go to waste, but I also hate seeing food go to my waist.)

I currently have proven recipes for buttermilk biscuits, brownies, and muffins. I have other things I'd like to use up / make if I have time ("Tahitian Coconut Bread" - basically sweet breadsticks, and a biscotti mix I've been hanging on to for years... if it's still good).

If I get help, I'll entertain requests, too.

Other constraints on my weekend: Saturday is currently scheduled to be DDR and healthy eating with a few people from f4t_c4t_club. Sunday night is an "exotic food" potluck at church (hence my desire to make the biscotti).

If I bake on Saturday, I will try to do so in a way that is not too distracting to any folks trying to avoid sweets. The muffins, at least, I plan to modify by substituting whole-wheat flour and reducing sugar.
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