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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Baking bonanza - call for help.

I have sour milk (aka "buttermilk") that I need to use up before it goes (too) bad. Thus, I will be baking a whole bunch this weekend. Would anyone like to help - either by physically mixing, measuring, etc. or by eating and taking some home? (I hate seeing food go to waste, but I also hate seeing food go to my waist.)

I currently have proven recipes for buttermilk biscuits, brownies, and muffins. I have other things I'd like to use up / make if I have time ("Tahitian Coconut Bread" - basically sweet breadsticks, and a biscotti mix I've been hanging on to for years... if it's still good).

If I get help, I'll entertain requests, too.

Other constraints on my weekend: Saturday is currently scheduled to be DDR and healthy eating with a few people from f4t_c4t_club. Sunday night is an "exotic food" potluck at church (hence my desire to make the biscotti).

If I bake on Saturday, I will try to do so in a way that is not too distracting to any folks trying to avoid sweets. The muffins, at least, I plan to modify by substituting whole-wheat flour and reducing sugar.

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hntrpyanfar January 11th, 2008
Nuts. I'll be there in spirit. Ganbare, Antitra-san!

If you get pooped, there's always buttermilk ranch salad dressing. :) You could try a ranch mix from the supermarket, or blender 1:1 proportions of your-favorite-mayo and buttermilk and add spices to taste. I'd start with salt, pepper, a pinch of granulate garlic, and a chopped fresh green onion. (Probably one/half cup each would balance out the green bits from one onion and one smallish smashed garlic clove, if you have fresh stuff.)

Have fun! (and we might see you Monday, if the accident will)

lil_cherub January 11th, 2008
For exotic foods I think Hawaiian flavors (coconut, pineapple), jerk chicken, Italian flavors or Spanish tapas. Biscotti is pretty normal once Starbucks moved into the area.

Here is an organic gelato that uses buttermilk. This sounds exotic and could help use it up.

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