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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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book addict


Started using LibraryThing to catalog my books. I think this will take a while... but it's a lot cheaper and more portable than the solution shadowravyn is using.

anitra was taken, so I'm mrsnightskyre there.

Once I hit the 200 book limit, I will likely pay the $25 permanent member fee so I can add all the books I have.

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mourninglory January 29th, 2008
How the hell was *ANITRA* taken?!

Weird man. Totally weird...

Re: WHAT?!

anitra January 30th, 2008
It's not the first time I've run into that problem, actually; but I used to use other variations (NitroGrrl and similar). I know "MrsNightskyre" is more likely to be unique than even my first name is, although in general I'd prefer to use my name :)

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