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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Big Big News

So... I have big news that I've been dying to share... and now I've gotten the OK... so here goes...


Baby Smith is due near the end of September. nightskyre and I wanted to wait to make this news public until I was near the end of the first trimester, had seen an obstetrician and heard the baby's heartbeat. I've had 24/7 nausea for the past six weeks, so there are quite a few people I had to tell out of necessity; but now everyone can know. :)

By the way, it was super-cool to hear the heartbeat this morning. Nightskyre and I were amazed at how quickly and strongly it came through on the hand-held Doppler device.

teenyweenyowen March 10th, 2008
Congrats you two!

pastorlenny March 10th, 2008
Mazel tov!

anitra March 10th, 2008

Have I ever mentioned that nightskyre's mother is Jewish? Even though we're pretty straight-arrow Protestants, I think it will add an ... interesting... dimension to certain decisions about raising our child(ren).

etherial March 10th, 2008

shadowravyn March 10th, 2008
Many congratulations!!

I'm so happy for you both. Now make sure it's a girl. I'll love her more if she's a girl. ^_^ And girl clothes are so much more fun to buy.

anitra March 10th, 2008
Ha ha... I'm a little scared that we'll end up with a really girly girl. We'll have NO idea what to do with her. "But these are your mother's Legos! Why don't you want to play with them?"

tpau March 10th, 2008
congrats! and i second nu, girl clothes are more fun to buy or make!

dark_towhead March 10th, 2008
Many, many congrats!

With such great parents, I predict this little one to be whip smart, good lookin', and a bundle of energy. In short a heeee-uge handful. :)

But seriously, that's some great news!

anitra March 10th, 2008
Hah. Given his/her father, I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with a troublemaker. I was a perfect child. ;)

ladyscience March 10th, 2008
Yay! Congrats!

daedaleandeus March 10th, 2008

hntrpyanfar March 10th, 2008
Yay! Congrats! =) Woo woo woo!

So, later on are you going to find out the child's gender, or be pleasantly surprised? (No rush. I'm just curious, as is probably half the world you tell. ;)

anitra March 10th, 2008
We'd like to find out if possible. But we won't do a semi-risky procedure like amniocentesis just to find out the gender. So, we might not get to know until D-Day.

k1ttycat March 10th, 2008
Yay! Congrats. I hope you have a very happy, and healthy pregnancy. And I also hope it's a girl. I have seen so many boys born lately, and it would be nice to shake things up.

(Anonymous) March 10th, 2008
Congratulations! Maybe you'll have your baby the same day my Caitlin was born (9/22) or on my anniversary (9/21) or early on my birthday (9/11) or late on Ainsley's birthday (10/1) :)

As far as finding out goes, we didn't want to know with Ainsley, but we did with Caitlin and she thwarted us until three days before she was born - by then I was convinced she was a boy (oops. had to return boy clothes...)

Best wishes for a healthy, happy pregnancy. And if you have any questions or just need support, you know where to find me...

amymarr March 10th, 2008
Duh, that was me. Dopey.

treyvana March 10th, 2008

(now I am smiling and doing my happy-dance at my desk)

anitra March 10th, 2008
Glad I could brighten your day, hon. :)

nan0_frog March 10th, 2008
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :) :) :)
Are you going to find out if it's a boy or a girl? Or just wait and let it be a surprise? I'm so excited for you!!!

anitra March 10th, 2008
See above - we'd like to know the gender, but we're not going to make a special effort and add risk for something that superficial.

(Deleted comment)
nightskyre March 10th, 2008
I *knew* you'd be excited. We knew when you said "Yay, fellow breeders!" awhile back. (I think we did.... Either that, or we found out soon after and that was one of the first thing I thought about)

juldea March 11th, 2008
HOORAY!! (again)

So, what particular form of nerd-dom do you want to be indicated on whatever knitted item I make for baby first? (I could do a small R2D2 hat...)

nightskyre March 11th, 2008
Hehe. I'm looking forward to buying this and <a href="http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/kids/6c71/>this.</a>