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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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'Fess up

OK, who was playing with the laws of physics and managed to open up a tiny black hole inside my stomach?

I am incredibly hungry ALL THE TIME, and I am consuming calories at an alarming rate.

I had a bedtime snack last night, and when I got up 9 hours later, I was so hungry that my body tried to throw up (stupid body, there's nothing IN there to throw up).

I am turning into a human incubator - all I want to do is eat and sleep. Too bad life has other things in store for me. I might be getting warmer, too... it's hard to tell with the wacky weather lately.

P.S. Ultrasound tomorrow morning!!! (I hope I can eat enough for breakfast so I don't have to get up to find food in the middle of my appointment...)

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k1ttycat May 7th, 2008
Yay! Ultrasound. I totally hear you on the being hungry thing. I don't even bother with like full meals any longer. I just eat a little bit when I am hungry and carry a snack with me at all times.

anitra May 7th, 2008
I had been keeping lots of snacks with me to stave off the weird stomach-is-empty nausea... but now a simple snack like an apple or a bit of cheese will barely hold me at all.

Yesterday, I went through two cereal bars, an orange, and a yogurt, all between 8am and noon. I bought ice cream to hold off the starving feeling in the afternoon, then I had a full dinner, and two hours later (just before bed), I had a large bowl of cereal.

Today, I've already had an orange, two cereal bars, a small salad, my lunch (a burrito), some cheese, and about 1/3 pint of Ben & Jerry's (plus cereal & juice for breakfast). I ate the ice cream about 30 minutes ago, and my stomach is starting to demand food AGAIN.

I guess it's not a huge amount of food, but it feels like it, especially after (a) being used to 3 meals with maybe one snack (pre-preg), and (b) really not being hungry in pregnancy until now.

anitra May 7th, 2008
For comparison: any work day last week, I would have had the following food in my lunch box for the 9+ hours I spend at work:

cereal bar
lunch (something small like a burrito or a frozen bagel)

And at least one item would come back home with me most days. I'd probably have a smaller-than-average dinner, and maybe a glass of milk before bed.

k1ttycat May 7th, 2008
well thats the problem. you were eating too healthy :-P

anitra May 7th, 2008
LOL... It's a good thing I'm craving fruit, because I'm not quite ready to eat the 1200+ calories in a B&J pint at one sitting.

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