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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Cloth diaper giveaway

OK, most people reading this probably don't care.... but Baby Cheapskate, a blog I've been reading lately in preparation for being a thrifty mom, is giving away 12 bumGenius diapers. I really want to try cloth diapering after Claire is born, but the all-in-one, as-easy-as-disposable type (like these) are SO expensive to start off with... I really hope I win!

Baby Cheapskate Diaper Giveaway

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k1ttycat July 23rd, 2008
How are you and the baby doing?

anitra July 23rd, 2008
Pretty well, actually. I've started to get my weight gain back under control, and as we're getting closer, it's getting more exciting!

(Obviously, there are still daily annoyances... but I just keep reminding myself that they are all temporary.)

k1ttycat July 23rd, 2008
well if there is anything you think I could lend a hand in, let me know. I bet you are getting excited! Not much longer before you meet your daughter face to face! How awesome! :-D

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