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Registries and Showers

Shower update: Looks very unlikely that there will be a baby shower on August 16th. Postponing it to early September (if it happens at all) allows the friends who are interested a better time-frame for planning. (You know who you are.)


We're NOT begging for gifts, but plenty of people have asked me "What can I get for Claire besides baby clothes?" SO... if you are interested in getting something for Claire, but don't really know what we still need or where to start, nightskyre and I have created two registries.

1) Babies R Us (Click here). Our registry should be easy enough to find. (First/last name and Massachusetts).

2) Banana Peels Diapers (Click here to go directly to registry) We want to use cloth diapers (for environmental, health, and cost reasons), but since I've never changed diapers at all, I'm a little intimidated by the cheap route (basically squares of fabric that you fasten around baby and then put a waterproof cover over)... "All-in-one" or "pocket" diapers work much more like disposables, but they are EXPENSIVE... so we've registered for a small selection of different styles. If we only use this more expensive style, we will probably need 24-36 diapers total; if you want to give us just ONE, it will help defray the cost significantly.
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