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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Job? apartment? future?

I'm kind of depressed. On one hand, I'm glad to be out of the house, away from my mom and that whole situation. On the other, it sucks to really find a job and/or a place to live, and to be happy with that "choice". I guess that's part of it, too.. I don't feel like I have a choice. I was only able to find one place at all feasible for me to live. Of course, there's still a huge chance I could get kicked out of there. But I haven't been able to find anywhere else in the area. I don't have any furniture, either, so I'll likely be sleeping on the floor, with my clothes in a huge duffel bag, or maybe I'll be lucky enough to have a shelf or a single drawer.

And then there's the job. I was supposed to go to the temp agency that got me the Jiffy Lube job this afternoon to pick up my time card and maybe get some more information. Well, I didn't get there in time. So I get to show up tomorrow early morning at the job, apologise profusely, and admit that I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. I really hope they're a truly equal-opportunity employer - I'm looking forward to being a "grease-monkey", instead of having to sit an office or something because I'm a woman and they think I'm incapable of doing that kind of work. Heck, I know as much or more about cars than most of the guys I know... not to say that's a lot, but it's more than the general public. *sigh* I'm just full of angst at the moment, I guess...

I also feel really bad for being so mad at nightskyre earlier.

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wicketgate May 29th, 2002
I have a huge comfy air mattress you are welcome to borrow, it's full size :) I slept on it for 6 months at my old apartment, no complaints :) I got it for $30 at Sears, so you may just be able to pick one up instead, it's a whole lot better than sleeping on the floor and perfect if you aren't going to be in one place for long :)

Good luck with every
thing, and I trade my office job any day to tinker with cars!!! :) But then I would have to know something about cars ;) My dad still has to show me where to put the oil in, hehehehehe :)

Take care! :)


anitra May 30th, 2002
Actually, I have a mattress to put on the floor (on loan for the summer from some friends).. It's just the not having any furniture that's getting to me.

Thanks for the offer though!

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