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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Damn it all.

Well, maybe last night wasn't so great. I knew staying up so late was a horrible idea, and this was held out by the fact that I just woke up, which makes me TWO HOURS late to my group meeting. Contacted one of my group members, they're already done meeting. I may go and try to find the other one, so I can at least see the comments that our professor made. Of course, the copy our advisor corrected is completely unavailable, as it is "right outside his office" in a building that is locked every night and all weekend.

I am so mad at myself for not waking up remotely on time for this. I know that by the time I was even considering bed, it couldn't be helped, but I'm still guilty. I'm especially pissed because I'm supposed to be gone the rest of the weekend until Monday afternoon, and this is due Tuesday. How the hell are we ever going to get it done on time?

WTF do I do now? I can't just let this go, it bothers me too much. But there doesn't seem to be a solution at this point, although I've told my partners I'm willing to skip one of my classes and meet all afternoon on Monday if we need to. It doesn't satisfy me though. I screwed up, and I can't fix it. This could be the kind of mistake that gets us truly kicked out of the project. If that is the case, my partners are going to kill me. What can I do? Take the copy and edit it all by myself over the next day or two? Damn, damn, damn.