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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Guess we're getting an SUV

I installed the new carseat today. It just BARELY fits behind the passenger seat in our sedan. And then the front passenger's knees hit the glove compartment. And this is one of the shorter, cheaper carseats.

Obviously, once you have kids, it is only possible to get good gas mileage OR leg-room, but not both.

(We've been discussing getting a new car for 6 months, but figured we would hold off until we knew whether we wanted to get a new commuter car for nightskyre, or a bigger "family" car.)
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nightskyre March 16th, 2009
That's where we had the first seat. Since we have to actually hook and unhook her into this one, it doesn't seem like that will work quite as well. Plus, it's possible it will actually interfere with our visibility. We may give it a shot, but with the newer Mass restrictions on car seats, it's getting a bit silly.

nightskyre March 16th, 2009
Clarification: The first seat we had was removable with just the base in the car so we could hook her all in and then load the whole thing into the car. This one isn't removable so we have to hook her in while in the car.

anitra March 16th, 2009
This has nothing to do with the Mass. restrictions - we won't bump up against those for a couple years, yet.

They just make it so that if you have MORE than one kid, you end up needing a minivan/SUV.

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