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My life as journaled

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Guess we're getting an SUV

I installed the new carseat today. It just BARELY fits behind the passenger seat in our sedan. And then the front passenger's knees hit the glove compartment. And this is one of the shorter, cheaper carseats.

Obviously, once you have kids, it is only possible to get good gas mileage OR leg-room, but not both.

(We've been discussing getting a new car for 6 months, but figured we would hold off until we knew whether we wanted to get a new commuter car for nightskyre, or a bigger "family" car.)
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dontcallmemolly March 16th, 2009
Good points. I was thinking more on a size-per-size comparison. Also, I was thinking you were planning on trading in the Focus. If you are getting rid of the truck, then having something with more cargo space makes sense.

Good luck, car buying is not for the faint of heart, I've been finding.

nightskyre March 16th, 2009
I hear you. The advantage we have is that we don't *need* a car so we can be more selective.

We're actually thinking we're going to try to hang on to the truck too. It's just too useful to not have, and the insurance+registration on it is dirt-cheap (around $200 for the year for both)

Since I do yard work and the like and need to dispose of a lot of yard waste (seriously, you should see a before and after picture of my yard from last year/the year before), and I like to help people move (either themselves and their stuff, or just random stuff) it's super handy to have.

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