Anitra Smith (anitra) wrote,
Anitra Smith


Watched the pilot on hulu today. Had no idea it was going to be based on the lives of David & Saul.

I think it's a good drama (as any account based on their lives would have to be), AND reasonably accurate. The names are a nice touch: "David Shepherd" (David), "Silas Benjamin" (Saul - of the tribe of Benjamin), "Jack Benjamin" (Jonathan), "Michelle Benjamin" (Michal, Saul's daughter that David falls in love with), and "Reverend Samuels" (Samuel, the last of the judges of Israel). Even the lesser characters have names that match Biblical ones, when applicable (Eli Shepherd = Eliab, David's eldest brother).

The only thing that really bugs me so far is that Jack shouldn't envy David. It's in keeping with human nature, but not with the Biblical account. I could do without Jack being secretly gay, but I know that's a popular theory about Jonathan, so I'll let it go.
Tags: bible, tv

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