Anitra Smith (anitra) wrote,
Anitra Smith

Back from Niagara Falls

What a whirlwind trip. Definitely have better ideas for sightseeing w/baby now, and also better idea of what works well for Smith family vacations. It's hard to get 3 people who are used to doing their own thing to work together. Throw a baby in the mix, and 2 more folks who like to plan everything out (nightskyre and me), and getting ANYWHERE is challenging. There were a couple of times that I had a meltdown (hungry and/or tired), and a grumpy baby for a few of the outings (same - hungry and/or tired).

We did have fun, though. Discovered a few attractions at the Falls that I hadn't done before. Surprised at how much Claire seemed to enjoy Maid of the Mist. And the Whitewater walk is probably better done with a toddler who can walk up and down the stairs.

Didn't get as many photos as we had planned, since we forgot the camera on Saturday. Did meet a really nice woman on the Maid of the Mist who took a family photo and promised to send it to us via email.

Also spent time with my dad and his wife, which went a lot better than I expected.

Definitely good to be home. Now I have to figure out how to catch up on sleep and chores.

Tags: family

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