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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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shopping math

Shopping for cell carrier

Anyone use a company OTHER than Verizon for their cell phone? I am less than thrilled with their service recently. Not terrible, but not good enough to keep me loyal either. I am a light but everyday user, mostly voice (usually 10-20 mins/day, except when I'm phone-tutoring) with a little bit of text-messaging.

Who do you use? Do you like them? What kind of plan do you have?

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daedaleandeus August 20th, 2009
I use T-mobile for the MyFaves program, because I only have 5 people I really talk to regularly. I have unlimited anytime calling to them, 300 anytime minutes, free nights and weekends, and something like 400 text messages a month. I have never come even remotely close to going over my plan. I want to say that the plan costs me about $55 a month (for the first day in weeks I don't have my budgeting notebook in the office) and it came with a free Razr, which was the phone I wanted.

Regarding coverage, I've noticed a dead spot here and there, but overall they tend to be less than a mile or two wide and never anywhere I'd be staying (usually on the road and whatnot). I think my phone has dropped 1 call in the time I've owned it.

anitra August 20th, 2009
Yeah, I just looked up their plans. The basic plan (probably w/o the text-messaging, since I send maybe 10/month) is $40, which is about what we're paying now. And the myFaves is pretty good for me, as there are only 2-3 people who I spend much time with on the phone during the day.

jzer August 21st, 2009
warning, canceling a tmobile plan before it ends cost $200 for each line. they wanted to charge me $600 to terminate my 3 lines when i left. true story.

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