Anitra Smith (anitra) wrote,
Anitra Smith

Birthdays coming up. How to celebrate?

So, nightskyre's birthday is on Wednesday... and baby C's birthday is next Tuesday (can you believe she's going to be 1 year old already?)

We want to do something, but we just hosted a gigantic party last week (Labor Day). To throw in another complication, nightskyre's cousin will be visiting, too; so we want to keep things low-key.

So, here's my thought. We'll do something this weekend. Dinner Friday night (18th) at O'Connors for nightskyre, and chocolate cake for C on Saturday (19th) in the early afternoon.

Thoughts? Would you come celebrate one or both birthdays with us?

Poll #1457400 Birthday celebration(s)

Would you join us on:

Friday night dinner at O'Connor's
Saturday afternoon cake at home
I love you guys so much I would come to both!
My schedule is too full to come to both. I will come to whichever one will have more people.
I hate birthday parties and would not come.
Don't fence me in! Protest the system! (Explain yourself, please...)
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