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Nerve-wracking day

Went to the pediatrician for Asher's 4-month checkup ("well child visit").

Dr: "Looking good. He's average weight for his age, but in the 90th percentile for height, so he seems a bit skinny. As long as he's eating and peeing well, nothing to worry about though."

Me: "Oh, by the way, he's had a cough for a long time - I didn't really think about it, because I've had it, too; as soon as I get over one illness, my daughter brings home another."

Dr: "Hm, let me take a listen.".... "Definitely some mucus in there. Let's try a nebulizer treatment and see if it gets any better." hour later, we are being sent to go get a chest X-ray. The hardest thing I've had to do with Asher, because he is basically strapped into a giant plastic tube (to keep his torso steady) with his hands over his head. I hold his hands while he screams.

We have been at the pedi office for 2.5 hours. X-ray is inconclusive. Nebulizer didn't help. Doc asks if we can come back in about 2 hours.

I go home - both kids pass out in the car. I call around like crazy to find SOMEONE who can take Claire for the afternoon. She was so, SO good at the doctor, I don't want to make her go back - especially with a shortened nap and no lunch. Finally find a neighbor who is home and can take her.

Drop Claire off. Go to doctor. (nightskyre leaves work early.)

Doctor says "He's not getting any better" and sends me to the ER, picking up a copy of the X-ray along the way.

(nightskyre is able to pick up Claire, get dinner, run an errand or two.)

I freak out, pack a bag, and head to the ER.

Hours of waiting later, the consensus is.... not a consensus, except "it doesn't look serious".

It's probably not pneumonia, but it could develop into pneumonia. It is probably viral (but we won't know until Monday, when the cultures are back), but we are getting an antibiotic anyway.

Basically, my little boy is no different than he was this morning... but I've been running on adrenaline for hours. Time for bed.
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