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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Think livejournal is "dying"? Want to build it back up?

siderea has come up with what she thinks is the optimal formula for LJ posts to build community:

Every month, post AT LEAST:
2 personal diary entries ("this is what I did")
2 "bleg"s (a question inviting response / provoking discussion)
12 pointers (reposts of interesting content, probably with a bit of text. This post is a pointer.)
1 op ed (a post written by you, but not ABOUT you. Review, etc.)

I'm not so good at this, as I haven't posted more than once a month for a year or two. Well, having kids completely changed how I use my time, LJ included. :)

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gunthersdncemix October 10th, 2011
How about just reminding people that LJ has FILTERS and does not require your REAL NAME? ;)

anitra October 10th, 2011
Well, that's part of it, too.

I've noticed lately that my LJ friends page is becoming more of an RSS feed reader than any kind of community. Not that it is necessarily bad... but a lot of activity I used to see on LJ has moved on (to Facebook, Twitter, and other places).

And personally, I _choose_ to use my real name. :P Got in the habit of it a long time ago. Did get into some trouble over it, but that was a valuable lesson to really think through what I say/post publicly.

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