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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Dear elderly lady at the grocery store:

While I am sure you meant well, I really did not need your criticism advice about not letting my three-year-old out of my sight while I was in line trying to check out. I knew it was not the world's best idea, but I also knew that I had two grumpy children and a slow but demanding cashier. I really just wanted to get home after two hours of grocery shopping this morning.

If you had really been concerned about the safety of my children, you would have left your cart and offered to go WITH my child on her trek to get "just one banana" - OR offered to stay with my cart in the checkout so I could have unstrapped my infant and gone with my daughter. Instead, you decided it was a good idea to lay on the guilt. Thanks again for your concern, I guess.

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darkangellove46 November 22nd, 2011
Booooo in general to this entire post. i love when people assume that judgement is the same thing as being helpful. Yes people, they are in fact synonyms. trufax look it up. blech. Also kudos to the big sister for being independent enough and able to reliably retrieve one banana at the grocery store at three years old!!

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