Anitra Smith (anitra) wrote,
Anitra Smith

Remember to vote!

Had a friend ask me to re-schedule something tomorrow for later in the day so he could make sure he had time to vote. Later realized this is his first chance to vote (he's 18). Hooray for representative democracy! I will celebrate by once again voting for my local reps and for a presidential candidate with no chance of winning. ;)

Also had a long talk with my mom today about political issues. Reminded me where I get my slightly off-kilter stance on certain issues. (I am definitely not a party-line voter. If I had to sum up, I'd say I'm conservative fiscally - except when it comes to local schools; and moderately liberal on social issues.) At least when WE talk politics, neither one of us comes across looking crazy. :)

In other news, took BOTH kids to Payless tonight to get new shoes. Some called me "brave". I'd prefer to think of it as "crazy". After an hour of running and chasing and calling and fixing and dropping and fixing again, we made it out with 4 pairs of shoes - 2 for each kid. Success!
Tags: family, politics

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